How to help your lawn beat the summer heat!

Lawn Care in summer can be tricky due to the extreme weather experienced, either being very hot and dry or very wet and rainy due to summer storms. Summer is the peak growing season for most Australian lawn types, so lawn care during this period is very important. Here are some ways to help you get the most out of your grass.

1. Water Effectively

The hotter months often mean we need to conserve water, so watering your lawn effectively is incredibly important. Watering less frequently but for longer periods at a time will encourage deeper roots, helping your lawn to stay hydrated for longer.

Water early in the morning or late in the day, so the heat doesn’t cause the water to evaporate. If soil has become hydrophobic due to extended periods of dryness, applying a wetting agent will help attract the water and soak in more effectively.

2. Get Off My Lawn!

If your lawn is dry, brittle and brown, any additional foot traffic is going to cause it more stress. Staying off it is the best thing you can do for it, allowing your grass to recover more effectively. Plenty of water and patience will help revive your lawn, as well as a dose of fertiliser.

3. Mowing

We talk a lot about mowing, but that’s just because of how important it is for the health of your lawn. Using a one-size-fits-all approach to your mowing is an option, but changing up the way you cut makes a huge difference.

In summer when it’s dry, raising the mower blades to the highest setting is ideal. You only want to be taking off about the top third of the grass blade, in order to protect the soil and roots system from the sun. Don’t mow when it’s hot as this is the time when the grass is most likely to burn, leaving unsightly brown and yellow patches. Leave the catcher on the mower as well. Grass clippings on the lawn prevents the water from penetrating the soil, and humidity can cause issues with fungus. 

4. Fake It In Style!

For an Iconic solution to summer lawn care, why not try Artificial Turf? Recent technology advances mean that there’s a range of realistic turfs to choose from, giving you a great lawn look while remaining low maintenance. Iconic Outdoors excavates the space, compacts the area and installs the sand and turf, no hassle!

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Excavator & Bobcat Loader Operations

We can take care of all the prep work for your backyard construction and transformation with excavator and bobcat operations. We use an E20 2T Excavator and 110 Tracked Bobcat, and can operate in narrow or tight access.

Bark Blowing

If you need mulch for your garden or soft bark chips for your play area, we can install it in bulk in hard-to-reach places to save you time and money.

Silt Fencing

For effective and simple erosion control on sloped blocks or areas prone to washing away, we do silt fencing with woven fabric and hardwood stakes. You’ll be able to create tiered garden beds easily without worrying about rain washing away plants, soil and mulch or barkchips.


There are a lot of concrete options available to match your space – we do colours, stencils, patterns and stains so you can choose something that matches your taste, space and lifestyle.

Garden Edging

For a functional finishing touch that subtly structures your garden, try garden edging. We do steel edging (using mild steel, galvanised steel or Coreten steel), paver edging, spade edging and timber edging.

Lighting & Electrical

Lighting your outdoor space is only limited by your imagination. Lighting can transform an entertaining space and highlight your backyard features. We install high quality lights including dusk to dawn sensors for a space that seamlessly adapts to your lifestyle.

Artificial Turf Prep & Installation

Artificial turf technology has improved significantly, with a large range of realistic turf on the market. We excavate your space, compact the base, install sand and turf for a low maintenance turf option with a range of styles, colours and piles available.

Prepping & Planting Gardens

Can’t get on top of your garden? We can lay down the foundations for your garden to thrive over the long term. We do rotary & ripping hoeing, soil testing & use of organics, gypsum and slow release fertilisers.

Lawn Seeding & Aeration

We seed Fescue, Couch, Rye Grass and Kikuyu lawn. Our Hydroseeding method can assist with rapid growth and long-term establishment.

Water Features

Water features and waterfalls are a beautiful focal point in an outdoor space, bringing tranquility to a backyard. We create in-ground and above ground water features and ponds using stone, concrete, stainless steel & copper.


To enclose your yard or pool, we specialise in timber, post and rail, glass, steel, aluminium, rural and security fencing. Not just for functionality, we pride ourselves in creating fences for aesthetics.

Steel Structures

To give your outdoor space some structure and create rooms in your garden for exploring and entertaining, we do arbors, archways and patios of any size. Choose painted steel for a grand, polished finish or rusted steel for a sophisticated, industrial finish.

Retaining Walls

Our expert team have built thousands of metres of retaining wall for happy homeowners. Using timber, concrete sleepers, stone, stacked block or Bessa block, you can achieve whichever style of wall you have in mind for your backyard transformation.


If you’ve always dreamed of building your great Australian deck for summer entertaining, we use ModWood Composite, Merbau or Stringy Bark decking to create a perfect pool area, entertaining space or verandah. No job is too hard – we do curved decking and full custom builds.


Thinking about revamping your pool area, courtyard, garden paths or entryway? We use high quality concrete, plastic, ceramic, clay and stone pavers, laid in expert patterns including herringbone and mosaic styles.

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